Alex Coll

To start off the blog I'd like to introduce: Stripp'r of the Week. A weekly interview with a customer, coworker, or local Philly native that's doing something awesome that we'd love to share with you. First up is Alex Coll! She runs the blog fitlicity and is all about happy ways of working out.

Tell us a little bit about your blog, when you got it started and how you came up with the name:
I started the blog a couple months ago and launched it officially in October. Back in the day in January of 2016 I decided I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. I did that with the help of an online fitness community Tone It Up. Once I started and got into it became a part of my life. As I became more and more passionate about fitness and wellness in Philadelphia I decided to start my own blog and share my experiences that way. It’s all about being happy and healthy, using fitness as a base for a happy life. The name "fitlicity" came about when I was brainstorming and had my notes open in my phone, I started looking up synonyms for happiness and felicity is one I loved the ring of so I combined fitness with felicity. Circles back to a balanced life from healthy choices.

It’s really cool you have your fitness plan on your blog so anyone that wants to can follow along, how do you plan out your week and what you’re going to do?
Variety of ways, I still love to reference, I follow their nutrition guidelines (whole ingredients, etc.) I always start with one rest day a week and I start there, depending on what day that is I back everything out from there and make sure I’m just hitting all my muscle groups and my goals and break it down from that.

"A lot of times health and fitness can seem like it involves sacrifice, but I think it’s more about doing what works for you and making yourself happy."


Do you have a favorite / least favorite work-out?
Favorite workout is anything that has to do with leg and booty. Favorite exercise is a deadlift or a classic back squat. Running is very mentally challenging for me, I find myself convincing myself that I can finish the run I set out to do. Milage goal is 3-5 miles as an average run. As Broad Street comes up I’ll definitely be extending that. When I started the blog I couldn’t run a mile without stopping, just in December I ran 7 miles without stopping.

How would you suggest someone start that doesn’t work out at out?
I would say start with something that you enjoy doing and that peaks your interest, yoga for example. Find something that you love to do, that’s going to make you want to keep doing it everyday. Start there and don’t be afraid to branch out once you get into your grove.

You seem like you have a really healthy and tasty diet, where do you find recipes?
Nutrition plan from Tone It Up, this year is the first time I ever tried sweet potatoes, almonds, etc. Branches out trying new ingredients. Taking all my leftovers from the week and throwing them in the bowl. A lot of experimenting in the kitchen.

Favorite Stripp’d juice?
Citron Verde

What are your go-to acai bowl toppings? Do you switch it up or do you stick with your favorites?
Cacao nuts, house made almond butter, switch it up with golden berries or goji berries

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