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Lee's Dish

Blogger, foodie, eater, mother and much more!

My goal is for it to be something I do full time, incorporate more into my life. I do it a lot and I want to take it to the next level.

Leedish.com -  I title my blog as food, face, fabolousness. I go through food excursions there's so many hidden gems and great restaurants in Philadelphia and I haven’t even eaten in half of them. I love sharing things with the world. As far as face, I’m obsessed with skin car. From Turmeric to apple cider to papaya etc. Not always having to go out and break the bank on facecare. Fabolousness ranges from shoes, to a throw pillow - anything that I deam fabolous I will put in that section. I feature a lot of people that have awesome content I will feature on my blog. For my food + face section there’s a young lady that has a company in the city called the Anatomy and featured her coffee scrub and how awesome it is. There’s a lot of people with small businesses and people don’t know about it and I like to feature them on my instagram and blog.

What sparked your interest in food and cooking?
I love to eat. I like to experiment with different foods, I prefer a home cooked meal.

What do you love about cooking most?
People’s reactions to my food.

What was the first dish you ever attempted to cook and how did it go?
Spaghetti, turned out pretty good.

What is your favorite restaurant in Philly to get:
Mexican: Lolita - Mahi Mahi tacis
Asian: Lemongrass Thai food on 38th and Lancaster

Being a mom, do you have your kids help you cook:
My son is always asking if he can help and what he can do. He’s starting to become more open to trying new things and he’s outgrown new foods. He won’t eat beets though!

Any funny cooking fails?
I just attempted to make a veggie lasagna and it was gross. I used an alfredo sauce it made it wet, very little flavor. I was inspired by pinterest and put my own twist on it.


What’s the last dish you cooked that stands out to you as being tasty?
I made a shrimp scampi about a week ago, one of the first recipes I put on my blog. Scampi is minced garlic, white wine and a garlic sauce. More of a cream sauce. (Link to Lee's Shrimp Scampi recipe here)

How long have you been running your blog?
I’m a new blogger, about a month. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. My friends inspired me to start a blog and my partne because I’m always talking about food, facial skin care and fabolous things like home decor and fashion and I’m always talking about it. People come to me about advice on everything and they tell me the world needs to know about my view.

Favorite Blogs:
Ronnie Brown

Favorite thing to get from Stripp’d?
Bishop, always come back for it. It’s the ginger.