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Anita Oh

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What inspired you to start your own blog / what are some of your favorite blogs that you keep up with?

I wanted to start for a couple of years, but I was always held back by what other people would think about it, I just decided to go for it because I really enjoy style and travel lifestyle food and just sharing that with out people. So far people have been receptive to it. Started October of last year.
I keep up with Atlantic Pacific and Song of Style, those are both fashion blogs and Gal meets Glam. 

Last place you traveled?
Iceland - favorite part was a glacier hike into a cave. Next place is California. 

You mention in your blog “By night, I'm usually chasing tacos.” What are some of your favorite taco spots in Philadelphia? And what is your number one favorite spot anywhere in the world?
Mission Taqueria and Honest Toms.

Favorite taco?
Steak and Mahi Mahi

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How active would you say you are and what do you enjoy about fitness?
I think everyone could be more active, I try to stay pretty active. I think fitness is more of an outlet for me, a stress relief. I think fitness is something that you should tailor to yourself. I really love boxing, and high intensity stuff like that. I think everyone needs to find something that they love. 

What do you love most about Philly?
Philly's very eccentric, it has a character people equate it with. So many different cultures, a lot of diversity and I really appreciate that.

What are your favorite acai bowl toppings at Stripp’d?
I really like the goji berries, I always add the shaved coconut and the peanut butter.

I wish I had started my blog earlier, not being afraid of other people’s opinions. If I had a message for everyone it would be: “Be bold, be fearless and go after the things that give you purpose.”

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Kyle Huang

For those that don't know, what is jiu jitsu?
Jiu Jitsu, for me, is not just a hobby. For me, jiu jitsu is a lifestyle that I've lived by since I was 11 years old. It gave me confident, discipline, and knowledge. Jiu Jitsu teaches you self-defense and gives a smaller person a chance to defeat a much bigger and stronger person through flawless technique. 

How long have you been practicing?
I've been doing jiu jitsu for 10 years now.

What motivated you to start?
I started karate when I was a little kid at the again of 10. When I turned 11-12 years old, I stopped karate and started jiu jitsu. Nothing really motivated me to start jiu jitsu, but when I started jiu jitsu, I just fell in love with the sport. I fell in love with the competition side of jiu jitsu. It's an amazing feeling to go all over the world and compete against the best jiu jitsu players in the world. 

"One of the benefits of jiu jitsu is that it teaches you a lot of self-discipline. Jiu Jitsu benefits your health because you are always working out and pushing your limits. It allows you to develop a really healthy lifestyle when you have jiu jitsu involved in your life."


How do you level up in belts?
There are five ranks in jiu jitsu: white, blue, purple, brown, and black belt. Each colored belt has a black bar on it, in which four stripes are awarded separately on. Being promoted is all about mat time,and it's all up to the professor. When the professor thinks that you are ready for the next rank, then he or she will promote you to the next rank.

You're a teacher also? What's that like?
I teach the little kids class at Roots Athletics and the 7am Adult Jiu Jitsu. I love teaching. I feel like it makes me better as a competitor, when I teach, because I sometimes don't realize I missed a detail on a technique until I hear myself explaining and showing the technique to the student. It allows me to fix my technique, and it helps me to be more vocal.

Do you work out in the gym as well?
No. All I do is jiu jitsu. I don't do anything outside of jiu jitsu.

Acai Bowl go-to toppings?
I like my acai with caco nibs, hemp seeds, peanut butter on top, banana and strawberries.