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Anita Oh

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What inspired you to start your own blog / what are some of your favorite blogs that you keep up with?

I wanted to start for a couple of years, but I was always held back by what other people would think about it, I just decided to go for it because I really enjoy style and travel lifestyle food and just sharing that with out people. So far people have been receptive to it. Started October of last year.
I keep up with Atlantic Pacific and Song of Style, those are both fashion blogs and Gal meets Glam. 

Last place you traveled?
Iceland - favorite part was a glacier hike into a cave. Next place is California. 

You mention in your blog “By night, I'm usually chasing tacos.” What are some of your favorite taco spots in Philadelphia? And what is your number one favorite spot anywhere in the world?
Mission Taqueria and Honest Toms.

Favorite taco?
Steak and Mahi Mahi

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How active would you say you are and what do you enjoy about fitness?
I think everyone could be more active, I try to stay pretty active. I think fitness is more of an outlet for me, a stress relief. I think fitness is something that you should tailor to yourself. I really love boxing, and high intensity stuff like that. I think everyone needs to find something that they love. 

What do you love most about Philly?
Philly's very eccentric, it has a character people equate it with. So many different cultures, a lot of diversity and I really appreciate that.

What are your favorite acai bowl toppings at Stripp’d?
I really like the goji berries, I always add the shaved coconut and the peanut butter.

I wish I had started my blog earlier, not being afraid of other people’s opinions. If I had a message for everyone it would be: “Be bold, be fearless and go after the things that give you purpose.”

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Fabiana Ferrarini

What do you love about Fitness?
What I love about fitness is knowing that I’m doing something for me. I’m a mom so everything I do is for my kids, benefiting my kids, picking them up from school etc. So working out is for me, it’s something I can say I do for myself.


What advice would you give to someone that wants to start working out and being more active but they don’t know where to begin.
I look at this journey like a baby, it’s baby steps. Small steps lead to big rewards. If we focus on slowly making progress then before you know if you’ve made it a habit. The goal of it is to become a habit. Enjoy, you wanna like it because in order for it to stick with you you have to like it. You wanna like what you’re doing and what you’re eating. People tend to do it because they want to look like a certain person and when they don’t reach their goals they quit. But when you do it for yourself and you’re really enjoying it you continue to do it.


Tell us about the fitness programs you teach
I love working with woman, and that’s how I started my journey. I’m a mom, and I have 2 kids and I didn’t have anybody to talk to. I felt like I was just talking to kids all the time, so I was like you know what it’s important that women stick together and work together. When I started training I started looking at training as girls night out. I work a lot with women, I have a fitness app Fit With Fabi (monthly subscription with videos and explanation, a private community, help with your meals) I cater to the women that go to the gym and also the women that work out at home. It’s like 2 for the price of one, we bond on a girlfriend level I try to explain as much as possible for that you’re able to walk away with something. When I train my girls I try and train them from the inside out, it’s all about confidence. I try to build their self esteem, let them know you’re beautiful the way you are. If you’re not happy with the way you look we can change that but everyone is special.


Most of your meals, are you dining out or cooking at home?
I cook a lot of my meals. My thing is easy, quick, effective and maybe tasty. We all eat the same thing, I used to do one meal for meal and another for the kids but then I changed. We’re from Honduras, sometimes I can’t eat what I used to eat because it wasn’t so healthy. Sometimes I try and switch it and make it healthy. I like the cooking channel, the Pioneer women.

I have a Bachelor’s in Biology and I had to take nutrition, it helped me to a certain extend to learn what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. You test things and do research and learn. I’m also a certified sports nutritionist, I do a lot of reading, I like watching Netflix. You are what you eat. When I started I wanted to prove that I was stronger than that inside voice, I’ll 3 days of eating healthy and then I’ll treat myself. It’s all about finding a balance. The more you keep doing it the more you start realizing the more you feel energized.

Favorite healthy meals:
Salmon and asparagus sometimes I’ll switch with brown rice, ground beef with string beans and sweet potato.

Favorite restaurants:
Radicchio Cafe - the grilled octopus served with mixed greens and tomatoes

Where do you get your recipes from?

Favorite Stripp’d juice?
Moms PB & J


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Jayel Lewis

Jayel's website was made with a mission in mind: a place for women to connect in a safe environment where health is ultimately happiness and it's just not the physicality of it but the mindset as well.

How long have you been working out / staying fit?
I’ve been working out in different capacities for as long as I can remember. I did ballet and dance, then I quit and did track - sprinting. In college, I did weight lifting.

Do you work out daily? What are your morning routines when it comes to fitness?
I work out most days. I wake up really effing early my first client is 5:45am, so I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, meditate, eat oatmeal, and I'm off to my first client.

Philly has a way of putting us together and making us feel like we’re in the same playing field. The whole wellness and fitness community has been really accepting, we all know each other or end up meeting each other through events.


Talk to us about your personal training:
I only train women now, people come from all walks of life. From people that have never stepped foot in a gym to people that go spin and pilates but still want to see some sort of change. I wanted to help other people realize they can start no matter what starting point they’re at.

When did you acquire your 6-pack?
When I started competing, out of college 2007 maybe. It’s mostly 90% diet to maintain.

Favorite workout / least favorite:
My favorite workout is upper body, and my least favorite is lunges. I like upper body strength so it comes easier, lower body needs more thought and effort.

Advice for someone that wants to get started working out but doesn’t know where to begin:
Don't let the idea of fitness as a whole overwhelm you, start somewhere. Go for a walk, meet up with a friend to try a new class, changing something small in your diet.

Do you have a strict diet?
Not necessarily strict, more so picky. Oatmeal is my go-to with raspberries, eggs, turkey bacon, I have salad everyday, fish for dinner. I eat in proximity to where I am, I studied nutrition in college so there’s no science to it.

Favorite Stripp’d Drink?

Go-to acai bowl toppings?
African nuts, peanut butter, strawberries, coconut, bee pollen

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