At Stripp'd we will only use the freshest produce and ingredients that have been locally and organically grown.  This is our heart and soul and we believe what we put into our bodies shows face at some point. So much of our food in todays world has been altered at some point in its life cycle.  Stripp'd is here to make a splash in the pond of health.

Locally Owned ... Locally Sourced

Simply put, at Stripp'd you can rely on us to locally source our products whenever possible.  Local farms and purveyors do a service to our economic community and we want to encourage that.  Due to the nature of our products, we are only as good as the product we bring in.  When we are not able to stay local or organic, we will be very forward with you (our guest) and make sure you are in the know of what is going into that precious machine you call a body.  

Plus, we’re proudly from Philadelphia… born and raised! *Will Smith Voice*Will Smith Voice*  So why not support the locals.