Cold Pressed is...

 A scientifically researched process, known to be the rawest way to consume fruits & vegetables. You would think that eating vegetation whole is best, but when they are cold pressed you are able to consume 3 to 5 pounds of nutrients and vitamins in ONE SITTING . The final product is served raw (No Heat, Unpasteurized) and the micronutrients are available for immediate absorption. 

The two-step process:

Where fruits & vegetables are triturated  (reducing the particle size of a substance by grinding) and then placed into a fine filter.Next, a hydraulic press creates A FEW TONS of pressure and extracts all the liquid gold (juice), leaving a bone dry byproduct similar to sawdust in both taste and consistency. The waste from this is then handled holistically, and we PIDE  ourselves on this.


Our juice is never pasteurized and always fresh, contained in reusable glass bottles.

Why destroy all the goodness our vegetation has to offer with heat and trashy, disposable packaging? We also support the guys and gals who benefit the community offering up freshly squeezed and blended juices straight from the fruits and vegetables! Big up to you guys!